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Financial Aid and Predoctoral Fellowships

Departmental fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis. Awards usually include out-of-state fees (when necessary) and in-state fees plus a stipend of $23,150 for the academic year (plus $6600 for the summer). Application for these fellowships is accomplished by sending your graduate application to us by December 15. Need-based financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study, are awarded by the Office of Financial Aid. Unfortunately, need-based aid is only available to US citizens.

For the 2013-14 academic year the estimated in-state fees are $14,984.50 per year. Out-of-state and foreign students pay in addition non-resident fees of $15,102 for the year. The Department, with the help of faculty and the labs (LBL and LLNL) has been able to fully fund all of its graduate students through research assistantships, teaching and grants in recent years.

US Citizens and Permanent Residents

Throughout your academic career, research positions, or business career, you will have to write grant proposals, statements of purpose, and project proposals. Funding is rarely automatic. Set aside the time to research funding sources and to work on applications. Learn about annual deadlines. Research all possible sources of funding. University Fellowship offices, department bulletin boards, and student services offices advertise possibilities. Check on-line listings for major sources: NSF, DOE, NIH.

If you do not succeed in winning grants when you first apply, persevere. Extramural grants will give you increased funding and independence. Those who otherwise sponsor you (faculty, later employers) will appreciate your efforts to obtain funding. When you do succeed, your efforts will reward you not only with additional funding, but also with the prestige of the award (snowballing effect), and will benefit others in your program or research group by freeing up more funding for them.

There are a variety of extramural fellowships available to outstanding Nuclear Engineering students. You are strongly encouraged to apply for any fellowship for which you are eligible. Some fellowship possibilities are listed below.


ANS Scholarships (numerous scholarships available)
The Glenn T. Seaborg Institute and the Radiation Detection Center at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) are pleased to offer a new fellowship opportunity for graduate student research in areas of nuclear science relevant to national security. Lawrence Scholars Program Sponsored by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Provides up to four years of support for UC PhD students to conduct their thesis research at the Laboratory.
Deadline: Twice a year in March and Sept.
Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative University Fellowship Program (AFCI-UFP)
Deadline: Early April
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Professional Development Program 

DOE Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics Fellowship
Deadline: Late January

DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Fellowship Program
Deadline: Late January

DOE National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships
Deadline:  mid-December

NRC fellowships:  For all Department of Energy fellowships, contact:
University Programs Division
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
120 Badger Avenue, PO Box 117
Oak Ridge, TN 3783
The Department of Defense has several fellowship programs for U.S. students. For further information, contact:
NDSEG Fellowship Program
200 Park Drive, Suite 211
P.O. Box 13444
Research Triangle, NC 27709
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Scholarship and Fellowship Program
Fannie & John Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowships in the Applied Physical Sciences
Deadline: Early November
Fannie and John Hertz Foundation
P.O. Box 2230
Livermore, CA 94550
Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minority
Nuclear Energy Institute: Industry Scholarships and Fellowships in Nuclear Energy
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (includes Women in Engineering Award)
Deadline: Early November
Oak Ridge Associated Universities Opportunities
Deadline: various for different awards
Deadline: Mid-February
National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship
Deadline: Mid-January
Nuclear Energy University Programs Fellowship
Deadline: Mid-April


Postdoctoral Fellowship Information

National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI)

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship Program was established to provide outstanding postdocs an opportunity to pursue cutting-edge science and stimulate cross-fertilization of ideas. The successful candidates have freedom to pursue world-class research with ample resources to support their efforts. The Fellows will interact with scientists with a wide range of expertise, and the Laboratory is committed to making their experience at LLNL positive and rewarding.

This three-year Fellowship is awarded only to candidates with exceptional talent, credentials, scientific track records, and potential for significant achievements. Typically, two to four awards are given each year. After their three-year term, the Fellows may consider any career options, including staying at the Laboratory. Fellows will choose original and independent research in one or more aspects of science relevant to the competency at LLNL. Research areas may include all branches:

Atmospheric Science
Biological Research
Computational Mathematics
Computer Science
Environmental Research
Geological Science
Laser Science
Materials Science
LLNL hopes to attract candidates from UCB