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CalDay 2016

Saturday, Apr 16th 2016
3107 Etcheverry Hall



The weather in Berkeley (and the Bay Area) can vary greatly throughout the day.  It is best to dress in layers, bring a sweater/sweatshirt, a hat and/or sunglasses, apply sunscreen (and bring it with you to re-apply during the day).  The campus is quite large and comfortable walking shoes are a must for exploring. 

All events will take place in 3107 Etcheverry Hall, unless otherwise noted

Is Radioactivity from Fukushima a problem for the U.S.?

Location:  3107 Etcheverry Hall

Time:  10am-10:50am

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Speaker:  Jasmina Vujic, Professor

Description:  The accident at the Fukushima nuclear reactor complex caused a large amount of radioactivity to be dispersed into the environment.  This produced serious contamination in and around the Fukushima area of Japan.  There has been a great deal of concern about the extent to which this radioactivity could be transported to the U.S. and potentially cause health problems here.  This talk describes a series of ongoing measurements done at UC Berkeley to address this issue.


Let’s Look At Materials: A Vital Part Of All Engineering Applications

Location:  3107 Etcheverry Hall

Time:  11am-11:50am

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Speaker:  Graduate Student

Description:  Every tool and machine we use and build today is only as good as the available materials.  Besides chemistry, it is the structure that makes them strong and lasting.  Modern instruments allow us to see in detail how the materials work and what makes them fail, allowing use to make them better for nuclear applications.


Nuclear Engineering:  What’s That?

Location:  3107 Etcheverry Hall

Time:  1pm-1:50pm

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Speaker:  Massimiliano (Max) Fratoni, Assistant Professor

Description:   “Nuclear Engineering” – What does that mean?  Nuclear engineers – what do they do?  Have you ever wondered?  The answers to these questions may be more varied than you expect.  Come hear about all of the different things nuclear engineers do, and what these career options look like.


Nuclear Engineering Information and Q&A Session

Location:  3107 Etcheverry Hall

Time:  2pm-2:50pm

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Speakers:  Karl van Bibber, Professor and Chair and Joonhong Ahn, Professor

Description:  Get all of your questions answered about the Nuclear Engineering Major and Department. 


Nuclear Engineering Student Group:  American Nuclear Society (ANS)

Location:  Bechtel Engineering Center, Front Lawn

Time:  10am-2pm

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

ANS students will be available to answer incoming students’ questions about life as an engineering student at Berkeley.  They will also demonstrate irradiation and different types of shielding.


Nuclear Engineering Student Projects

Location:  Trefethen Terrace, Bechtel Engineering Center (in the case of rain, please meet on the 3rd floor of Etcheverry Hall)

Time:  10am-3pm

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Hosted by:  American Nuclear Society Students

Category:  Nuclear Engineering (Engineering, for Children and Youth)

Description:  A backyard nuclear reactor?  A mousetrap fission chain-reaction model?  See what students have made, and use a Geiger counter to test Fiestaware!



Applications of Nuclear Science and Engineering You May Not Know

Location:  4101 Etcheverry Hall

Time:  10am-11am

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Speaker:  Lee Bernstein, Adjunct Professor

Categories:  Physics, Nuclear Engineering

Description:  Learn how nuclear reactions are used by scientists and engineers to benefit society.


Department of Nuclear Engineering Information Table

Location: Etcheverry/Soda Breezeway

Time: 9:30AM – 2:30PM

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Description: Meet the staff of the Nuclear Engineering Department, ask questions and meet students from the department.


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